Bereave: The World Needs More Indie Films

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’d like to take a timeout from my favorite films for just a moment to bring to everyone’s attention a new movie in development entitled “Bereave.” The movie is set to star Malcolm McDowell, Neve Campbell, and J.J. Feild. The creative minds behind the project, Evangelos and George Giovanis, have crafted a very intriguing story about a man who is fatally ill, yet unable to reveal this to his family. When his wife goes missing, he is resolved to at least live long enough to save his beloved. The Giovanis brothers have self-financed each of their previous three films and are using Kickstarter to gather funding for “Bereave.” The cut-off date is October 5th, and they still have a ways to go before reaching their $100,000 goal.

I for one hope they succeed in their efforts. Not only am I appreciative of character-driven stories, but I also have an admiration for filmmakers who take the hard road of financing their own work, thereby bypassing the risk of studio interference that often does more harm than good. I myself have a few stories I could tell if only I had the money, equipment, support, etc. Below, I am sharing the link to their webpage. I am not personally trying to solicit money, merely spreading the word. If you like what you see, and wish to help them out, by all means do so. I am of the belief that all indie films deserve to be made.

UPDATE: Neve Campbell has left the project due to scheduling conflicts, but Jane Seymour has been added!

UPDATE #2 (belated): The project has been fully funded, and it was done with time to spare, thanks to many generous donors. Congratulations, George and Evangelos! I look forward to viewing the finished film!


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