This is a website I have created to share my love of movies, both new and old, from any genre you can think of. I am starting with my 50 favorite motion pictures in descending order (with two reviews coming in multiple parts as they will cover more than one entry in a given franchise), but afterwards I will tackle any sort of movie, study any particular actor/director’s career, film franchise, etc. Feedback on my reviews is always welcome, so if you like what I have to say/have a differing opinion, I’d love to know what you think!

I have a constantly growing DVD collection and an appetite for new cinematic experiences, so if you have a movie in mind that you want to see me review, post a comment and I’ll get right on it!

  1. Evangelos says:

    I happened to come across your blog. Looks very cool.

    Please let me intro. myself. We are very fortunate that Malcolm has attached himself to our upcoming film BEREAVE and he loves it so much that we are doing a #Kickstarter campaign where he is personally involved in awesome perk fulfillment. So far we have sold some great perks like dinner w/ Malcolm, premiere & party, download of completed film, roles in the film, days on set and more! We are at $38,000 with 16 days to go, but need to reach $100,000. It’s doable! But we need to get the word out, let the world know it is happening; reach his fans. Press is brutal and very stingy. So we’re going grass roots with it. Do you think you could post a little something on your blog if you like what you see? Please let us know. We would be extremely grateful to you! Here is a link to our campaign: http://kck.st/15oAyoa

    As you may or may not know, Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform for crowd funding. If the campaign does not hit its goal, the backer is not charged anything. If we do hit our goal, the backers make history and produce our wonderful drama/romance starring Malcolm McDowell, Neve Campbell & JJ Feild.

    Evangelos Giovanis

    • I do like what I see. I had a look at your YouTube teaser/interview with Malcolm McDowell. Mind if I post the link to that as well? I’ve only been blogging for a little over a month, so my audience is still very limited, however I’ll be more than happy to spread the word.

  2. Evangelos says:

    No, please do my friend! The more publicity the better, but it’s the same video you will find on our actual site at http://kck.st/15oAyoa

  3. I see now that you’ve surpassed your goal with time to spare. Fantastic! It looks like the last two or three days in particular have been amazing.

  4. Evangelos says:


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